The florentine maison

founded in 1983 by the designer Annamaria Cammilli, it is today an international reference point in the design jewelry industry. Strictly 100% made in Italy, Cammilli products stand out for their excellent in quality and unmistakable style.

Riccardo Renai

son of Annamaria Cammilli, has been CEO of the company since 2002 and has pursued a quality and internalization policy to promote the brand worldwide. Back in 2005, with the philosophy "a Cammilli jewel must always be recognizable without reading the label" Renai started promoting a path of innovation that will lead Cammilli to be recognized as an authentic jewelry style. The now well-known gold finish "Aetherna" and the specialization in original colors of gold achieved with special alloys have made the brand famous in the world and undisputed leader of Made in Italy jewelry.

The brand

has always been a pioneer of jewelry design trends, working on specialization with significant investments in innovation to achieve the excellence in metal surface finishes. Today a Cammilli jewel represents a very high level of goldsmith quality with unprecedented finishes. The result of an important goldsmith experience with roots in tradition combined with the use of latest generation technologies.

Cammilli Academy

Behind every single Cammilli creation there is a universe of art, passion, goldsmith mastery and technical specialization: a unique story to be discovered. Knowing it, is the only way to perceive the true value of the jewels of the Florentine maison. This is why the brand has decided to make a significant investment in training and inaugurated the Cammilli Academy in 2022, a cutting-edge space entirely dedicated to the training of Cammilli dealers' sales personnel. “Here our guests will have the opportunity to touch the creative world of Cammilli and fully understand the reality of a company that has chosen to make jewelry in a different way, in a special city like Florence.” Riccardo Renai, CEO


In years 2010 and 2016 Annamaria Cammilli received from CRIBIS D&B “Cribis Prime Company”, judgment that means the highest level of reliability of a company in B2B commercial transactions. Still in 2010 Cammilli received OK ITALIA AWARDS from Unicredit Bank “Excellence in the territory as internationalisation lever”.
In the same year got the “Confindustria Awards for Excellence Andrea Pininfarina”.

Annamaria Cammilli