Flair and innovation

in a design house that creates an unconventional alchemy for contemporary and inimitable jewels, constantly renewing itself without betraying its unmistakable style.

Nature as protagonist

in the inspiration of Cammilli’s creations.
The story of each jewel starts from here: nature, its shapes and colors are the starting point of every collection, even the most abstract one.


Is the perfect habitat for those who create, the cradle of the Renaissance and a source of inspiration for arts and fashion, where beauty is celebrated in all its facets.

Total look

and contamination with fashion are the watchwords of Cammilli creative team.
A painstaiking attention is paid to all the smallest details of clothing and accessories that will match the jewels. This is a very important combination, never left to chance.
The jewel will be the protagonist, without conflicting with the rest of the woman's image for an always balanced result.