Special finish

of gold surfaces is a distinctive feature of Cammilli jewels.
More than 35 years of specialization in treatment and processing of gold surfaces allowed to achieve original colors and lasting velvety effects on the metal surfaces.
The most important result of this know-how is the famous Cammilli finish called “Aetherna” for the alternation of shiny and silky effects that enhance the depth of the shapes and their three-dimensionality, without deteriorating over time.

Colors of gold

of Cammilli jewels are the result of years of research and experimentation.
The Maison offers eight sophisticated shades of 18-carat gold, original and recognizable, which contribute to the uniqueness of Cammilli's creations and made them famous around the world.

Sculptural forms

and three-dimensional volumes are a constant feature of these jewels.
Thanks to the casting process, the shapes of these modern jewelry-sculptures arrive uncontaminated at the subsequent goldsmith finish.

Masters of excellence

Cammilli goldsmiths are very special people: they combine technological innovation with the experience of years of specialization, in a perfect match between past and future.
The result is a genuine 100% Made in Italy with a quality beyond compare.