Annamaria Cammilli lives in Florence where she completed secondary school.
From very young she took part in several competitions where she excelled and drew the attention on herself.
Young and passionate expressed her inspiration on canvas with undisputed talent. Sculpure arrived later as natural development of her creative flair.
As a painter and a sculptor in Florence, the temple of beauty, she then learn about the world of precious stones thanks to love.


Annamaria joined high jewellery with her own store, but with the name of her husband’s family that had been jewellers for generations.
It was in the heart of Florence, in Torre de Ramigliati. An elite of connoisseurs immediately appreciated the innovative charge of her creations.
Her success was instantaneous and the artistic exclusivity of the first pieces proposed caught the attention of professional jewellers as well.
Within a very short while Annamaria’s store became the salon of Florence’s top clientele and readied herself to get organized for something more important: produce for other jewellers. ANNAMARIA CAMMILLI GIOIELLI was established in 1983.


The small company became organised and asserted itself on the national and world scenes of excellence of Italian design. Japan was the first to enthusiastically welcome the collections, and within a short time Annamaria became known in that country as “the Lady of Flowers”. The brand grew with the help of her children, and in 2009 the company was recognized as one of Tuscany’s industrial excellences. It opened its first single-brand store in 2013.

Is the year when Annamaria Cammilli Gioielli was established, but the brand’s goldsmith tradition has its roots in more ancient times. Today the company is leading by the fifth generation of gol

Annamaria’s children, Riccardo Renai CEO, and Raffaella, in the creative team, are the fifth generation of this ancient goldsmith’s family.
It’s been 100 years since Agostino Renai, in 1870, learned about the work on Ponte Vecchio in Florence that was capital city of Italy.
Today Annamaria Cammilli Gioielli is a benchmark of Italian design and its collections are distributed in the world’s most exclusive jewelry stores.