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Unique and different from each other, but always consistent with a recognizable style: Cammilli creations tell a story of craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail, strictly 100% Made in Italy. The extraordinary volumes, 8 different colors of gold and the special Aetherna gold finish are the common thread that binds a constantly evolving design to a timeless and contemporary style. strong identity that does not betray itself, but continues to renew itself through the minimal lines of Velaa Waves, the chromatic contrasts of Velaa Color or the expansion of the bestseller line Dune, up to Les Petites, the dynamic and playful collections designed for the youngest.
The evolution of Cammilli's creative path upwards is confirmed with the creations of Prestige and Couture. Diamonds, but also precious colored gemstones such as emeralds, rubies, tanzanites meet the traditional colors of gold and the recognizable design of the Maison for an amazing effect.

VELAA: Cammilli’s creative concept continues to expand
Linear design, increasingly large and enveloping volumes for unexpectedly light creations: the Velaa family is the result of Cammilli long-standing specialization and continuous research in the name of an unmistakable contemporaneity.
Born in 2020 as an extension of the Dune series, as evidenced by its original name "Dune Velaa", Velaa soon breaks away from its original matrix and becomes synonymous with a new creative concept that includes multiple variants: Velaa, Velaa Star, Velaa Pavé, Velaa Royale and starting from now also Velaa Color and Velaa Waves. No longer a variation of Dune, but a real family of creations united by unique characteristics completing Cammilli creative message, while showing an unmistakable continuity with the past.
The characteristic irregular design of the Dune series, turns in Velaa into a repetition of uncluttered and essential lines that generates unprecedented volumes thanks to an elegant play between the thin gold ribbons and the space that crosses them, without affecting the weight of the jewels. In this new creative concept, air is the key element that helps to define spaces and shapes, giving lightness to the pieces. The pronounced three-dimensionality of the creations is accentuated by the characteristic play of light of the Aetherna finish, a precious alternation of shiny and velvety gold surfaces that give the jewels an iridescent appearance.

The large volumes and the essential design of the Velaa series are enriched with bright rows of diamonds that follow the wavy profile of the jewels, giving them a refined touch of light. The distinctive alternation of shiny and velvety surfaces enhances the depth of the shapes, giving life to an elegant play of shades.

2022: a year dedicated to color...
Cammilli inaugurates the new year with an explosion of color, continuing the creative path that over the years has led to the development of 8 different shades of gold. The Florentine Maison thus begins to approach the world of colored gems, from the precious to the high-level semiprecious ones, proposing bold combinations of stones and nuances of gold. The Velaa Color series is an example, which will be soon followed by the launch of other colorful novelties.

In the Velaa Colorseries the minimal design of Velaa meets the lively shades of rubies, sapphires, emeralds and diamonds. A wide variety of color combinations that play on the meeting between bright precious stones and the characteristic velvety finish of the Maison, bringing out the originality of a sculptural design.

...and to high-end creations
A jewel that comes from the sea and its waves: in the new Prestige line the sinuous shapes of the Rivage collection are enriched with diamonds and drop-cut tanzanites. The blue and white of the precious stones will transport you into an ocean of pure beauty. A sophisticated collection, now even more precious.

Cammilli goes further and further beyond the traditional boundaries of ready-to-wear, putting the experience acquired over the years at the service of unique high-end creations. A new Couture line that remains faithful to the Maison's codes and aesthetics, but with a bold creativity that is not afraid to dare. An inspired design that meets important stones and gems, for a jewel that does not go unnoticed.

DUNE: Cammilli pays homage to its bestseller with a special "super-sized" version
Cammilli pays homage to the iconic 914 ring, which has been embodying the brand's DNA for more than 10 years, reinterpreting it in a contemporary key. The result is pure design.
In the new creation, the sinuous gold ribbons and diamonds multiply, chasing each other in an iridescent play of lights. The surprising effect given by the volume and the unprecedented "super size" of the ring is enhanced by a double finish of the gold surfaces, shiny and velvety. A jewel that expresses design and artistic flair, tangible proof of the brand's high manufacturing quality.

Versatile and playful creations, ideal for giving a touch of originality to a dynamic and casual look from morning to evening: it is Les Petites, the new Cammilli line that includes the Desert Rose series and the new pieces that enrich the Dune Assolo and Velaa Star. United by an essential design, enhanced by the precious alternation of shiny and velvety gold surfaces, the jewels of this line are sparkling and lively, perfect to be worn at any time.

The thin gold ribbons of Essential intertwine in a playful spiral, creating harmonious rounded forms that resemble a stylised flower. Desert Rose encapsulates all the simplicity of Dune, combined with the charm of a delicate flower. A collection with a vibrant and discreet design, for those who want to add a touch of style to their everyday look.

The essential geometry of the shapes becomes lively thanks to a playful spiral that frames and enhances the diamond enclosed within. Easy to wear, these jewels are perfect for those who love to stand out with sobriety.

Concentric drops alternate in a sparkling play of geometries with a seductive and hypnotic effect. Regular shapes with a minimal style, emphasized by the alternation of shiny and velvety gold surfaces and illuminated by a single brilliant. Ideal to be worn every day.

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