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Cammilli dedicates Firenze to Firenze: a special jewel in a limited edition, created to celebrate Annamaria Cammilli's 40th birthday. The Firenze ring pays homage to the extraordinary city that inspires the brand's creativity every day, but also to the particular sculptural attitude in making jewelry that has always made Cammilli creations so recognizable.

Available in 7 different versions and in only 40 pieces for each, the Firenze ring represents the summary of the maison's 40 years of creativity, as well as the result of the maximum specialization achieved in the expression of shapes and volumes.

A kaleidoscope of colors, materials and finishes: in addition to the classic Aetherna finish, new tactile and visual games are being played out through a completely polished finish, and increasingly sumptuous combinations with various types of pavé diamonds and precious stones that envelop the sculptural volumes of the Firenze ring as a shining mantle.


2023 marks a special birthday for Annamaria Cammilli, which in forty years has become a leading brand in world jewelry design. A compelling journey with an international reach, the one that leads the company to celebrate in Florence 40 years of activity. A combination that embodies two fundamental pillars for the brand's identity: 40 years is synonymous with goldsmith specialization and experience, while Florence is the ultimate expression of art and beauty, inspiring the Maison's creations every day.

Over the years, the talent of Cammilli's master goldsmiths has allowed them to develop a high level of specialization on various technical aspects, such as the 8 original shades of 18kt gold and the exclusive velvety surface finish Aetherna which unequivocally distinguish the brand’s jewels, a secret recipe especially developed to enhance the three-dimensionality of the jewel.

Rigorously 100% Made in Italy production and exclusive design: these are the values that have allowed the company to constantly renew itself over time at service of a sophisticated and emancipated woman, without giving up an always recognizable style or accepting compromises on quality.


The extraordinary volumes, 8 different colors of gold and the special Aetherna gold finish are the common thread that binds a constantly evolving design to a timeless and contemporary style.
A strong identity that continues to renew itself through the expansion of the bestselling Dune series, the very lively Dune Solar Color and the dynamic and versatile Desert Rose collection.

With the new creations of Prestige, Couture, Athena, Velaa Star and the important launch of Moon Drops collection, the upward evolution of Cammilli's creative path is confirmed. Diamonds, but also precious-colored gemstones such as emeralds, rubies, tanzanites meet the traditional colors of gold and the recognizable design of the Maison for an amazing effect.


DUNE: Cammilli expands the iconic collection, symbol of the brand
Cammilli pays homage to the iconic Dune collection, which has always embodied the brand's DNA, enriching it with new creations with a minimal and linear style: the large elongated hoop earrings are a true passe-partout of the female wardrobe, reinterpreted in the unmistakable Cammilli style.
In the expansion of the collection’s pieces, a special focus is on the bracelets: here the sinuous gold ribbons, chasing each other in an iridescent play of light, expand and multiply.

DESERT ROSE: the brand's most versatile flower
Introduced for the first time in 2021, the Desert Rose series has quickly become a must-have for those who want to wear their Cammilli jewel every day, adding a touch of lively but at the same time discreet style to their look. Desert Rose embodies all the simplicity of Dune, combined with the charm of a small stylized flower. In 2023 the Desert Rose line explores new boundaries, enriching itself with new earrings, pendants, two-element rings, and necklaces with an eclectic and contemporary style.

DUNE SOLAR COLOR: the charm of color
In the Dune Solar Color collection the Dune Solar’s iconic design is combined with the bold colors of various high-end semi-precious stones: different shades and nuances of tourmalines, the deep blue of the tanzanites, the bright green of the peridot and starting from now also the pink of the rhodolite and the light blue of the aquamarine, create a unique symphony of colors that matches perfectly with the different nuances of gold of Cammilli.


Cammilli goes further and further beyond the traditional boundaries of ready-to-wear, creating a universe of daring creativity that is always faithful to the aesthetic codes of the Maison, putting the experience acquired over the years at the service of unique high-end creations. A refined design that meets stones and gems that do not go unnoticed.

A new sophisticated collection with fluid shapes: Moon Drops is born from the perfect embrace between soft gold drops giving life to a geometry of precious waves, illuminated by a diamond pavé border that evokes the enveloping shape of the moon. At the center of each element is a pear-shaped stone, available with white or fancy color diamond as well as with light blue sapphires, which makes each creation even more sparkling.

Sculpture jewels with an unexpected design: in the new Athena series a majestic golden spiral encloses a luminous diamond. The minimal and hypnotic shapes, reminiscent of contemporary architecture, are underlined by a delicate border of diamonds that follows the enveloping geometry of each jewel.

The COUTURE creations
Even the high-end Couture series is enriched with new creations with characteristic sinuous shapes. Jewels that express design and artistic flair, combining unusual shapes and enveloping volumes with stones that do not go unnoticed.

A jewel born from the sea and its waves: in the Prestige series the sinuous shapes of the Rivage collection are enriched with drop-cut diamonds and tanzanites or green tourmalines. The blue and white of the gemstones transports the beholder to an ocean of pure beauty. A precious edge of sparkling diamonds illuminates the sculptural curves of these creations, enhancing their three-dimensionality. A sophisticated collection, now also available with fancy color diamonds.

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